how to make Hungarian Trapista cheese the traditional way on our farm in Hungary

Cheshire Käse

Trapista cheese is one of the most popular cheeses in Hungary. Its very mild and easy to make. 

Here are the ingredients:

20 Liters of raw cow or goat or sheep milk: non homogenized and non pasteurized

culture for Gouda for 20 Liters of milk

5 ml Rennet dissolved in non choroided water

brine solution: dissolve 100 gramm non iodized salt in water


First heat the milk up to the target temperature of 32 degrees Celsius.

Put in the culture and let it ripen for 30 minutes

Then add the Rennet and let it ripen for 45 minutes. Control if you can make a clear break.

If yes cut the curds and let it rest for 5 minutes.

Now heat up the curds to the target temperature of 42 degrees Celsius very slowly. We need 30 minutes for that. While you are heating ,  you stir carefully with a whisk. At the end you have curds with the seize of peanuts.

After this process you should drain the whey and press the cheese.  Trapista cheese is a soft cheese and so do not press to hard. We used to press every side for 6 hours.

Now you are putting the cheese in the brine solution for approx. 11 hours.

Let your cheese drying for 2-3 days flipping the Trapista cheese once daily. 

After this your cheese is ready to wax twice. Then put it for ripening in the cheese cave for minimum 3 weeks, or 2 months or more.


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