How we converted our amazon and ebay clients to long term customers of our own webstore

Anyone who sells through amazon, ebay, etsy and Co. gets a lot of leads. The only problem is that they belong to the respective shop and it is of course not possible, e.g. to advertise your own online shop in Amazon.
In previous years we sent the instructions for growing our seeds in paper form with every order. In the end, these instructions contained a simple reference to our online shop. But why should the customer buy directly from us next time? It is too convenient for him to continue shopping on the platform. I.e. we achieved little conversion with this method.
We have been changing our strategy for two years: with every purchase our customers received instructions on how to grow and care for the  seeds and plants. But this time we sent with every order a flyer with a web link. This link led the customer directly into our online shop in a section with the  instructions. Once the customer is in the shop, he likes to look around. So we converted many of these sales platform buyers to our own customers.
No matter what you sell. This strategy works everywhere. Let’s say you sell vacuum cleaners on Amazon. Then you can send the customer a flyer with his order. Thank you for shopping and inform the customer that the filters for the vacuum cleaner can only be obtained from their online shop. So the next time your customer has to buy a new filter, the customer is forced to go to your shop. He will then look around at the filter and make further purchases. The option of offering the customer at this place various coupon options is also clever. For example, 10% discount if he continues shopping.


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